Business motto

Koyu & Untek is the first foreign investor of the scope of supplying human resources, doing outwork and processing poultries in Vietnam. We always lead of development activities because of health and profits of community in Vietnam during operation process.

Motto: Repute is the worthest property of us. We are proud of standards of services, products and professional ethics, we always persue and carry out undertaken things well.

Concentration on Customers: We always listen ideas from customers and understand customers’ demands, we expect to satisfy more than what you need

Concentration on quality: We always heighten the standards of production and process of poutries. We undertake to carry out exactly, enough, in responsibility, honestly and seriously execute Management process according to the granted certificates, such as: HACCP Code 2003, ISO 9001:2008, the standard of food hygiene safety in Vietnam.

Innovation: We encourage the whole employees to think and work creatively. Continuous innovation helps us to create differences from other companies which also supply services and products of poutries.

Development: Koyu & Untek go towards a way which can develop and firm long. We always interest in employees and customers whom we supply services.

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