Quality Management

Quality Management System: Koyu & Untek applies for Quality Management System in order to affirm that we always have enough necessary abilities to supply and customize the products, tied needs in productive processes and control quality of products absolutely.

We don't ever give up satisfying our customers by means of appying for quality management system which we have undertaken, besides we always improve and prevent unsuitableness.

The quality management system which we built always completely complys with the requirements of ISO 9001 : 2000, HACCP Code : 2003 and Certificate of Food Hygiene and Safety according to Vietnamese Rules.

Undertaking of Quality Management System: Koyu & Untek in Vietnam undertake to build, make in writting, apply, maintain our quality management system and often highten validity of that system according to the Vietnamese rules of ISO 9001 : 2008, HACCP Code : 2003 and the standards of certificate of Food Hygiene and Safety.

Quality Policy:  Our Koyu & Untek always think of conditions in order to serve our customers best for all methods of quality target and productive standards in the Poultry scope. With the motto " Quality is our brand name, Prestige is  our assets, Customers' satisfaction is our profit" and regarding this as our basises for strong development.


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