Our Story
Koyu & Unitek is the chicken processing company with capital from Japan. We are pioneer in our industry to produce foods with purpose to bring the healthy and benefit to Vietnam people
Are the foods we are eating every day safe? This is the question that all of us are concerning to find the answer when everyday, we have to receiving a lot of information about sickness caused by uncleaning foods following the detection of tons of manufactures which are unhygienic make us more and more affraid of what we eat. Understand and comfort with the worrying of consumer about unsafe foods, Koyu & Unitek is determined to bring to consumer and their family the still and comfortable for every meal by the fresh and qualified chicken meat, strickly control and manage close processing of Japan's standard.

Criterion of Koyu & Unitek: 

1. Your health is our responsibility

2. We bring to you the best qualified products.

3. Respect and connect people.

4. Protect and conserve environment



To be the leading company in Vietnam in producing and processing hygienic foods, contribute to a better living.


Bring the fresh –safe foods and deliver the still to community.

Core value

We are here because the health and safe for community.


Bring satisfaction and peace of mind to food for customers.


With the vision to be the leading company at Vietnam, Koyu & Unitek understands our influence to community and the growth of society. We aware that the success is not only just the number of turnover and profit, but far beyond that is the extraordinary and permanent value which company has being built and brought to all people.

Safe for the health of consumer

Putting the hygienic to be the top important, Koyu & Unitek commits that each of our product is produced from the closing processing...

Environment and energy

Be a Manufacturer, Koyu & Unitek, we aware that any production activity can damage to the environment...

Labor resource

Demanding for working in safe condition and be taken health care for employee is the Koyu & Unitek ‘s main obligation...
Unitek Enterprise established in Austraulia at address 99 Rawson Street, Auburn NSW.
Unitek Enterprise launched the first factory at Lot 8, Loteco industrial zone, Dong Nai province, Vietnam.
Koyu shokucho joined venture with Unitek Enterprise, changed name company to Koyu & Unitek, purpose is to create the closed processing to produce fresh and safe chicken meat for consumer.
Koyu & Unitek launched the second factory to produce processing items with capacity is 300 tons/month.
Koyu & Unitek got approval to export processed chicken meat to Japan, become the first company can export chicken meat to Japan.
Mr. Hiroyuki Watanabe

Mr. Hiroyuki Watanabe

Chủ tịch công ty Koyu Shokucho - Chủ tịch và CEO công ty TNHH Koyu & Unitek
Mr. Hiroyuki Watanabe
Mr. James Hiếu Nhơn Khưu

Mr. James Hiếu Nhơn Khưu

Tổng Giám Đốc công ty TNHH Koyu & Unitek
Mr. James Hiếu Nhơn Khưu