Processed chicken


Product Name: Chicken Wing BBQ

Product SKU: GaCB-005
Rating: Not Rated Yet


-Chicken wings (80%), BBQ Chicken flavor powder, Scancure DI - 92, Kena

- The quality of the powder seasoning the chicken

- Quality Synthetic fragrance: Perfume smoke (smoke flavor)

- Synthetic colorings: A320 Color - WS


-Before using the product should be thawed completely.

- Oil and deep fry for about 05 minutes at a temperature of 1750C or grill for about 4-5 minutes at a temperature of 210oC or until golden brown cooked products.

- Use better with ketchup, chutney and salad.

Strorage Intructions:

- Store at a temperature of 180C.(In the freezer)

- Net weight: 500g


12 months from date of manufacture (printed on the packaging)

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