Doing outwork of slaughtering Poultries

Our Koyu & Unitek is proud of being the first investor who owns the most advanced slaughtering line in Vietnam at present.

On the area of the land is 2,3 hectares at Loteco Industrial park, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai in which plant is approximately 4,000m2, with the line imported from Europe, its output capacity is 45,000 chickens / shift, meeting the ISO standard 9001:2008 and be the first poultry slaughtering plant in Vietnam meeting HACCP code : 2003 standard.

With the advanced production line plus the standard management systems, then 100% of all poultry products being processed at Koyu & Unitekhave longer preservation time beside that the nutrition quality of Chicken meat are always ensured absolutely, fresher and cleaner than the poultry products which are processed by other methods.

Owning those advantages, we undertake ability of doing outwork and slaughtering from Customers in large number and always ensure quality of products as well as prestige of rate of progress and delivery time. Koyu & Unitek chúng tôi tự hào là nhà đầu tư đầu tiên sỡ hữu dây chuyền giết mổ tiên tiến nhất hiện nay tại Việt Nam.


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